Zoom Xtech cable-actuated hydraulic brakes are great and very easy to install brake upgrade. They have excellent stopping power and modulation, are easy to set up.

Cable-actuated hydraulic brakes use your existing brake cable to ‘pull’ a lever that applies even pressure to your brake pads and therefore your brake rotor.

Simply remove your existing brake caliper and install these cable-actuated hydraulic brakes in under 10 minutes.

Cable-actuated hydraulic brakes are very similar to full hydraulic brakes in that both pistons are used at the same time to apply braking pressure to the rotor providing a strong and reliable braking force.

Cable-actuated hydraulic brakes also require far less adjustment than regular mechanical brakes.

The package contains both front and rear cable-actuated hydraulic brake calipers.

Brand: Zoom – Xtech
Manufactured in: Taiwan and China
Model: HB-100
Color: Black, Red,Blue。Purple
Braking method: Dual hydraulic piston (self-contained unit, no need to bleed!)
Description: HB-100 uses a new hydraulic line pull clamp technology, what is: hydraulic line pull? The block of the HB-100 is equipped with built-in brake oil, and then the brake clamp is used to control the brake of the hydraulic clamp. The cylinder of the clamp is built-in brake oil. It is a common oil disc clamp that is common in the market.

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