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EggRider V2 Bluetooth eBike display

EggRider V2 Bluetooth eBike display

£109.99 £94.99

In stock (can be backordered)

(5 customer reviews)

The EggRider is an eBike display and mobile phone app that allows you to access, update, change, and enhance your eBike settings to their full potential including advanced statistics and settings for your electric bike

EggRider V2 is the fusion of a Bluetooth e-bike display with a mobile app, allowing you to enhance the performance of your e-bike ride.

  • Setting up EggRider V2 is quick and easy.
  • Replace your existing display with EggRider display
  • Works with voltages between 20V up to 60V
  • Connect with the mobile app to set up the EggRider display
  • You can now also modify the settings of your motor
  • Enjoy the ride!

This product is specifically suited for the Rad Power Bikes range of eBikes and has the screw type connector suitable for all RAD power bikes.

In stock (can be backordered)


  • Lightweight and compact design keeping your handlebar clean
  • Small enough to avoid unwanted attention
  • Dust and water-resistant – IP65 protection
  • Voltage reading between 20V up to 60V
  • First to detect real battery capacity and tracking stats of up to 3 batteries
  • Android and iOS mobile apps for more statistics and configurations
  • Providing flexibility to comply with road e-bike laws worldwide
  • Ability to use the EggRider app as a larger display
  • In-depth charts capability for your rides
  • One button switch between two profiles
    • Throttle yes/no
    • Pedal-assist yes/no
    • Power level
  • Size: 75mm x 47mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 31g
  • Cable length: 30cm
  • Handlebar mounting bracket: standard 22.2mm diameter
  • Physical buttons: Power On/Off, Level Up/Down, and popular Road/OffRoad mode switch
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
  • Compatible with e-bikes based on Bafang motors (including Sondors), and Lishui controllers, and many other brands we keep discovering
  • Screw Hex bolt: M3x10mm
  • Mounting clamp pin: 2.0mm diameter and around 15mm length
EggRider FAQ

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 4 cm
Connector Type

Screw (RAD Power Bikes) + £10.00, Bafang, Lishui

5 reviews for EggRider V2 Bluetooth eBike display

  1. ScottP

    I love the sleek display, the extra detail that shows when you connect a phone up. The ability to program most of the things you’d have needed a laptop / pc for via your phone with the complimentary app.

    The only downsides for me is the pin code security has been replaced with a system that requires the app remains joined. I don’t like this & it is buggy and prone to interference and Bluetooth dropouts, so have turned it off. They release updates now and then, so hopefully they’ll fix it.

    Also the bafang torque settings that can be adjusted on pc aren’t present.

    But aside from those issues – I think it’s worth it for the functionality it does have.
    And it’s nice to have a much more tidy handlebar (when you’re not using a phone)

  2. AdrianM

    EggRider and Rad Rhino Interim Report

    Background : I’m 62, 125 KG and ride a Rad Rhino “750w” in Belgium

    The stock bike, with stock settings serves me well except when it comes to some of the hills around where I live, especially the ones leading to my house which gives me a bit of a challenge when returning home from a ride as they are 16% to 17% for the last 200 metres or so. I therefore asked on the Rad Power Upgrades, UK, Ireland and Europe group for advice and was I recommended by Gareth to try an EggRider. He’s what I think so far.

    The Egg arrived late this week, putting in on the bike and connecting it was simple, once I popped out to buy the right size Allen key, 3mm. Activating it was instantaneous, I typed in the bike shop and the order number and it activated immediately. I used the settings posted by Walter van Waard, (god bless him), on the EggRider FB group. It’s important to double check what you enter as I made a mistake on the PAS gain (I set it to 2) which resulted in me having no PAS and throttle only. After correcting my mistake I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the results. It’s like a new bike. Hills that I could not even attempt, I can now climb and the journey home no longer fills me with dread. Some personal points though regarding the settings that Walter posted,

    The PAS startup acceleration is way too fast for me, so I’ve changed it to 2 for Road and 1 for Offroad
    I’ve set my speed limit to 32kph as I really don’t need to go much faster and when it was set to 41kph I was reaching it very, very quickly, so I’ve lowered it.

    I noticed that the PAS level assist is connected to the speed of the bike, that is it cuts out when you reach that speed. This is the same behaviour as with the stock equipment, but with 9 levels instead of 5, it becomes more apparent and personally feels a tad too granular for me. I’ve set it to 5, but due to weather and other commitments, I’ve not had the chance to test it extensively. I’ll try to post an update when I do.

    All in all I’m very pleased with the Egg, especially the mode button which lets me ride the bike like the stock bike when in Road mode, but totally transforms it into a jet when I switch to Offroad. The difference is like Bruce Banner and the Hulk, it really is quite remarkable.

    My thanks go to Gareth from Big Game Bikes for recommending the exact solution I was looking for, and to Walter van Waard for posting the initial settings, without which I would have been a tad lost. Thanks guys.

  3. TerryC

    Bike: Rad Power Bikes RadRunner
    Rider: Male, 90Kg, 1.95m tall, reasonably fit
    Location: UK

    Purchased the EggRider as I was initially disappointed with the available motor power as configured by Rad for EU market. This lack of power was noticeable if I were to carry a passenger or attempt to ride some steep hills, of which there are many where I live.

    After some research on forums, it appears Rad ship the same motor (500W) to all countries but configure the controller to only deliver power as per local market regulations. Also regs concerning use of twist throttle were frankly annoying too.

    Anyways, to cut a long story short…. with the EggRider you can programme/allow the full power of motor to be available, and use of twist throttle is now available. The bike is transformed and now delivers a much better riding experience as designed by the people at Rad.

  4. Michael H

    I bought the Eggrider from Gareth at Big Game Bikes for my Rad Rhino 5 and haven’t looked back since! I live in Dorset where there are a lot of hills and some are just too much for the base Rad, even on the full assist.
    The Eggrider has revolutionised my Rhino and I can easily ascend the worse gradients without difficulty on the recommended settings (see Gareth’s settings). I only need level 6 out of a possible 9!! You won’t regret it I can promise you!

  5. Paul G

    Agree with Michael it makes a big difference to my rad mini 4. I think level 8/9 are too fast for me 😂

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