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Showing all 10 results

Explore the stability and comfort of fat tyre eBikes at Big Game Bikes. Our fat tyre eBikes are designed to provide superior traction and a smooth ride on any surface, making them perfect for both urban and off-road adventures.

Key Features

  • Fat Tyres: Extra-wide tyres provide enhanced stability and grip, making these eBikes perfect for sand, snow, and rough terrain.
  • Powerful Motors: Available in 250w and 750w options, our motors deliver the power needed for any adventure.
  • Durable Design: Robust frames and high-quality components ensure these bikes can handle tough conditions.
  • Comfort: Features like adjustable handlebars, suspension seatposts, and ergonomic grips ensure a comfortable ride.
  • Long Range: Enjoy up to 70km on a single charge, thanks to our high-capacity lithium batteries.

Benefits of Fat Tyre E-Bikes

Fat tyre eBikes offer unmatched stability and control, making them ideal for riders who need extra traction and support. They are perfect for off-road adventures and provide a comfortable ride on any surface.

Why Choose Big Game Bikes?

As a UK-based family business, we offer high-quality eBikes with exceptional customer service. Enjoy a 2-year warranty, UK customer support, and a £100 discount on all fat tyre eBikes. Plus, benefit from free and fast delivery.

Customer Reviews

Our fat tyre eBikes are highly rated by customers for their stability and performance. Read our reviews to see why so many riders choose Big Game Bikes for their eBike needs.