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Impala Folding eBike

Thrilling eBike with Extended Range.

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Off-Road eBike with Impressive Features.

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Warthog Cruiser eBike

Powerful, Dual-Rider eBike with Comfort.

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Loving riding my Impala through the beautiful Shropshire countryside. It is surprisingly powerful and easy to cover 20-30 mile rides with minimal effort. The double battery means 100k plus journeys are easily done with no risk of losing battery power! Gareth has provided excellent customer service and is readily available and responsive to any queries or difficulties you may encounter. The wait for delivery was well worth it. And there are many upgrades available to suit your individual requirements! One very happy punter!
Tim C
EBikes Upgrades, Parts, Spares & Accessories - Big Game Bikes
EBikes Upgrades, Parts, Spares & Accessories - Big Game Bikes
I purchased an Impala from Big Game bikes in September last year and have nothing but praise for Gareth and the excellent service he has given, and continues to provide. After the purchase, I wanted my bike set up in a specific way and Gareth has provided excellent support to help me achieve this. Since purchasing the Impala I have clocked up nearly 300 miles – it is a sturdy bike and a really comfortable ride. The e-power is amazing and in my experience, the battery really lasts. I’m sure you’re wondering what the downsides are, for me it is that being a sturdy bike means that some people might find it a little heavy, Overall, I cannot recommend Gareth and the Impala enough. My only advice would be to contact Gareth and discuss your needs before purchase.
Charles C

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