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Discover our range of eBikes with throttles at Big Game Bikes. These bikes offer an extra level of control and convenience, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and effortless ride. Perfect for those who want a bit more assistance, our throttle-equipped eBikes are designed to meet your needs.

Key Features

  • Throttle Control: Easily manage your speed and power with throttle control, providing a seamless and customizable riding experience.
  • Powerful Motors: Choose from models with 250w and 750w motors, ensuring you have the right amount of power for any situation.
  • Long Range: Enjoy up to 70km on a single charge, thanks to our high-capacity lithium batteries.
  • Comfort: Features like adjustable handlebars, suspension seatposts, and ergonomic grips ensure a comfortable ride every time.

Benefits of E-Bikes With Throttles

E-Bikes with throttles provide the convenience of effortless riding, making them ideal for those who need additional support. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just want to enjoy a more relaxed ride, these eBikes offer the perfect solution.

Why Choose Big Game Bikes?

As a UK-based family business, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality eBikes with exceptional customer service. Enjoy a 2-year warranty, UK customer support, and a £100 discount on all throttle-equipped eBikes. Plus, benefit from free and fast delivery.

Customer Reviews

Our customers love the added convenience of our throttle-equipped eBikes. Read our reviews to see why so many riders choose Big Game Bikes for their eBike needs.