eBike Controller Bag


  • Critical Protection: Shields your eBike controller from water, dust, and damage.
  • Durable Material: Crafted for longevity, even in tough riding conditions.
  • Sized Right: Perfectly fits large controllers with a snug design for up to 35 amps.
  • Peace of Mind: Protect your investment and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

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eBike Controller Bag

Safeguard your eBike’s brain with our Water-Resistant eBike Controller Bag. Designed for large controllers up to 35 amps, this bag measures 275mm x 110mm x 60mm, offering ample space for protection. Its heavy-duty construction shields against water, dust, and the rigours of daily use, ensuring that your valuable eBike controller remains secure and functional, no matter where your ride takes you. With this bag, you can ride with confidence, knowing that one of the most critical and costly components of your eBike is preserved from the elements and road debris.


  • Dimensions: 275mm x 110mm x 60mm, suitable for large controllers up to 35 amps
  • Protection: Water-resistant and dust-proof material
  • Design: Heavy-duty construction for maximum durability
  • Compatibility: Ideal for safeguarding a variety of eBike controller models

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