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Shimano eBike Chain 138L CN-E8000

Original price was: £58.99.Current price is: £49.99.

  1. Enhanced with SIL-TEC technology for smoother and more durable performance
  2. Optimized 5.62 mm width for precise compatibility with 11-speed eBikes
  3. Quick link inclusion for hassle-free maintenance and repairs

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CN-E8000-11 E-bike HG-X chain
Shimano eBike Chain 138L CN-E8000 £58.99 Original price was: £58.99.£49.99Current price is: £49.99.

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Optimized for High Torque

The Shimano eBike Chain 138L CN-E8000 is engineered to withstand the high torque output of electric bicycles. It provides reliable performance and durability, which is crucial for eBike riders who demand the best from their equipment. This chain is perfect for those who need a robust and efficient chain capable of handling intense cycling conditions.

Tailored for eBike Drivetrains

This chain is designed for up to 11-speed Super Narrow HG-EV drivetrains, offering impeccable compatibility and performance. The precision engineering ensures a seamless fit and optimized gear shifting, making your ride smoother and more enjoyable.

Quick and Easy Maintenance

The Shimano eBike Chain, including a quick link and rivet pin, ensures effortless maintenance. Its design allows for rapid, tool-free assembly and adjustments, enabling riders to easily replace or repair their chains on the fly. This feature is ideal for cyclists who value efficiency and time-saving solutions.

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