Kit contents:
1. 1,000W Bafang G062 rear casstte type fat motor on the rim. 45A continuous – 80A/90A peak!
2. 30A sinewave controller
3. P860C or 500C colour display
4. 1 to 4 Cable
5. Right Thumb throttle
6. Pas Sensor
7. Brake Levers
8. Controller Box

Rear light and cassette not included.

Note: Dropout size 175mm. This kit requires 3 pin brake cut-off switches.

Additional information:

  1. You may receive this kit in multiple packages. If you find the package is not complete, you could contact us first and we will check for you.
  2. Before installing the kit to your bicycle, please follow the steps in the manual to connect the motor to ensure everything is working as expected. Please, DO NOT remove any connection with the power supply is on.

It is important to ensure your wiring system can handle the higher amperage demands of this kit!

Failure to do so may result in severe injury to yourself and or severe damage to your bicycle.

How to fit this kit to your 26 inch fat tyre eBike