DATEx2 Parallel Battery Adapter


This product will NOT be suitable if your bicycle has regenerative braking. Please ensure your batteries can be charged via their discharge port if you purchase a DATEx2 device with charge function!

  • Versatile Power Management: Connect up to three batteries of varying types and chemistries.
  • Easy Installation: 100% plug-and-play with minimal setup time.
  • Range Extension: Potential to increase ride range by 20%.
  • Performance Enhancement: Reduces voltage sag for improved speed and power.
  • Safety and Convenience: Weatherproof and safe to handle, with cool operation.
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Note: Some DATEx2 devices are built to order. If the stock quantity = 1, then the device is made to order. Please allow up to 30 days for delivery for these devices.

Introducing the DATEx2 Parallel Battery Adapter, affectionately known as the ‘battery blender’ – your ultimate solution for a seamless eBike riding experience. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of battery swapping with the ability to parallel-connect up to three eBike batteries. The DATEx2 is designed to handle diverse battery types, chemistries, and charge states, all within a voltage range of 24V to 84V.

Select from 30A, 60A, or 90A amperage options to match your ride’s requirements. Engineered for safety, the DATEx2 operates cool to the touch and boasts a weatherproof design for worry-free installation anywhere on your bike. It’s not just about managing multiple batteries; the DATEx2 also boosts your eBike’s speed, power, and performance by reducing voltage sag, and it can increase your accessible battery capacity and extend your range by approximately 20%.

The device’s intelligent charge management system optimizes battery life by balancing discharge cycles based on voltage. Recharging is a breeze; connect all your batteries to the bike and recharge them simultaneously easily. Elevate your eBike with the DATEx2 and enjoy the freedom of extended rides and enhanced performance.


  • Voltage Compatibility: 24V to 84V
  • Amperage Options: 30A, 60A, 90A
  • Safety Feature: Operates warm, not hot
  • Installation: Weatherproof and easy to install
  • Efficiency: Reduces voltage sag, increases performance
  • Charging: Simultaneous charging, intelligent management
Product Range Overview
There are a total of 12 DATE Dx devices to suit almost all applications.

Step 1 – How many batteries do you wish to run in parallel?
Up to two batteries
The DATE Dx2 range of products is best suited for running two batteries in parallel.

DATE Dx2 – connect up to two batteries and two controllers or one controller and an auxiliary out to this device

DATE Dx2C– connect up to two batteries and two controllers or one controller and an auxiliary out to this device as well as the charge function. This means you can charge both your batteries, at the same time, using one charger.

* ensure your batteries can be charged via their discharge port.

Up to three batteries
The DATE Dx3 range of products are best suited for running three batteries in parallel.

DATE Dx3 – connect up to three batteries and two controllers or one controller and two auxiliary outputs to this device

DATE Dx3C – connect up to three batteries and two controllers or one controller and two auxiliary outputs to this device as well as the charge function. This means you can charge both your batteries, at the same time, using one charger.

* ensure your batteries can be charged via their discharge port.

Step 2 – Charging Function
Do you wish to charge your batteries, at the same time, from one charger? This is a great feature if you do not wish to carry multiple chargers with you if you are out and about.

You can also use a high-powered charger since the charge load will be distributed across all of your batteries.

Step 3 – Controller output.
You must check and confirm what your controller can output in amps.

Your controller should provide an indication of its maximum output. For example 22 amps or 35 amps and so on. There is normally a sticker on the controller from the manufacturer.

Now you can select a DATE Dx device with the appropriate amperage from a choice of three – 30 amp, 60 amp, or 90 amp.

The Charging port on the DATE Dx devices is always XT90S anti-spark female plug.

You can use your own charger with an appropriate cable adapter that we can also provide.

Note: The 30 amp range of devices have XT60 format connectors while the larger 60 and 90 amp devices are XT90 format connectors.. Keep this in mind when considering which adapters you might need.

Boost your Performance!
The performance boost is achieved by reducing something called voltage SAG.

Voltage SAG occurs when you suddenly draw a lot of power from the battery. For example, if you are at a junction and need to accelerate quickly, your voltage might go from 54v to 48v. That’s a drop of 6 volts.

This phenomenon is known as voltage SAG. If we can reduce voltage SAG then we can increase speed, power, and performance.

Higher voltage = higher speed

Higher current/amps = higher torque (acceleration)

Higher power (voltage x current/amps) = higher force to ride you and all the weight you have with you, including the eBike itself.

If you are using one battery and you notice a voltage drop of say 6 volts, then with 2 batteries that will halve to 3 volts and with three batteries that reduces further to 2v.

Let’s assume you are using fully charged 48v batteries. Fully charged these should register around 54.5v.

One battery – 6v SAG

54.5v – 5v = 48.5v

48.5v x 30 amps = 1,455 watts

Two batteries – 3v SAG per battery

54.5v – 3v = 51.5v

51.5v x 30 amps = 1,545 watts

A performance boost of 90 watts compared to one battery

Three batteries – 2v SAG per battery

54.5v – 2v = 52.5v

52.5v x 30 amps = 1,575 watts

A performance boost of 120 watts compared to one battery

Since the voltage SAG drops, all that extra voltage will give you more power, torque, and speed.

Note: The voltage SAG depends on the C rate of the cells. Some are 10C, 15C, 20C, and so on. Where C = the capacity of the cell. So when they discharge instantly, they can supply xC Amps instant current.

Boost your Range!
In practice, if I get 30 miles with one battery and 30 miles with the second one, by joining them together I should get 60 miles, right? Wrong, because the load is split across the batteries then they are under less stress so you can access more of the batteries’ stored capacity, safely.

On average, our tests have shown around a 20% range boost so using the above example – 60 miles becomes 72 miles! Not bad, right!

Of course, there are many factors that determine the range, but this is a real-world example that we have experienced, on flat terrain, on the same route with the same rider.

Mix and match batteries with different voltages
24V, 36V, 48V, 52V, 60V, 72V batteries along with your existing batteries, or any battery or combinations you might have, as long the voltage is 24V to 84v. 

For optimum performance – use batteries with the same voltage. For example: 48v + 48v, 52V + 52V or 72V + 72V battery.

It is totally possible and a great benefit to using that old 48V battery together with your new 52V battery.

When you use a 52v battery and 48v battery then the 52v battery will be used first until its voltage is the same as the 48v battery at which point the batteries will run at the same time until the 52v reaches its low voltage cut off e.g. 42V.

We recommend manually turning off the 52v battery (via the key or on/off switch) when it reaches its low voltage cut-off.

It is not practical to mix batteries with large voltage gaps, for example mixing a 72V battery with a 52V battery since their discharge cycles are completely separate.

For example, the 72v battery voltage range (full to empty) is 84V down to 60V and for the 52v battery 58.8V down to 42V, so the DATE Dx device won’t bring any extra range boost benefits in here, except the fact that you could have both batteries always connected into the system.

In this case, you need to manually turn the 72V off when it reaches 60V (when it reaches 60V while riding, not while stationary).

In this case, the voltage drop when riding (SAG) will be the same as with a single battery until the voltage is the same across both batteries and then the voltage SAG will drop in half (with identical capacity batteries – Ah, or proportional to each battery otherwise).

Mix and match batteries with different chemistry
With the help of the DATE Dx devices, you could safely mix different chemistry batteries – such as Lithium-Ion, LIPO, LIPOFE4, etc.

It makes no difference whatsoever, but the same low voltage rules apply as when mixing different batteries – that is you need to manually turn off the higher voltage battery when it reaches its minimum voltage usage threshold while riding.

Mix and match batteries with different state of charge

It doesn’t really matter what voltage your batteries are when you connect them to the DATE Dx device.

It is always the higher voltage battery that will be used first and then both together when their voltages match.

When charging them through the DATE Dx2C or Dx3C, the opposite will apply, the lower voltage charged battery will be charged first until they will both reach the same voltage and then both will split their charging based on their capacity e.g. ⅓ + ⅔ for 10Ah + 20Ah batteries together or ½ + ½ when the Ah is identical.

*Beware that some BMS requires you to wait 10 seconds after turning your battery OFF and before turning them ON again.


The DATE Dx devices can be installed in just about any location on your bicycle. Often, we suggest having the DATE Dx near your controller to reduce the amount of wiring. Less wiring makes for a neater setup.

Once installed, DATE Dx and adapters do not need to be unplugged again.

The heat produced by the DATE Dx is negligible therefore no additional cooling is required. Store the DATE Dx device in a cycle pouch, within your frame, zip-tied to your seat post, it does not matter.

Charging your battery via the DATE Dx device.

You can now charge both your batteries, at the same time via the DATE Dx device.

You can charge your batteries on or off your bicycle.
You can charge your batteries one at a time or all at the same time with each of the batteries’ individual chargers.
This greatly increases convenience as you only need to travel with one charger.
We recommend thinking about a higher powered charger when charging more than one battery since most ‘stock’ chargers only provide 2 amps which means it can take a very long time to fully charge large capacity batteries.
The DATEx Dx devices manage the charge to each battery so you do not have to worry.

We have a large selection of adapters available to easily and effortlessly connect your DATE Dx to your batteries and controller. You can view our adapters

Connection Example - DATE Dx2

Mix and match batteries with different state of charge

In this example, we have the DATEx2 Dx2C device, one RAD battery, and one aftermarket battery.
Required adapters:
1. Battery One: RAD Male to XT60 Female. This connects the RAD battery to the DX2C.
2. Battery Two: XT60 Male to XT60 Female. This connects the aftermarket battery to the DX2C.
3. RAD Female to XT60 Male.This connects the DX2C to the controller.
4. Charging connection is XT90 Female. We have added XT90 Male to XT60 Female – then XT60 Male to DC to allow charging via RAD charger.

12 Reasons to get the DATEx2 parallel battery adapter
12 Reasons to get the DATEx2 parallel battery adapter and why running two or three batteries in parallel, rather than one at the time, is the way forward for performance and range boost!
  1. More Power – 1/2 or 1/3 voltage SAG decrease! E.g. instead of a 6V drop when applying full power, the voltage drop will be 3V respectively 2V. That means 3V/4V x current assuming 30A = 90W (120W) more power! And that is across all the battery discharging curves.
  2. Higher average speed – Literally always riding 3-4V faster because of the same cut in half/third voltage SAG.
  3. Lower temperature on your battery – Each battery will only work at 1/2 respectively 1/3 of the load. All that heat with a single battery means wasted energy as heat. In our tests, the battery temp dropped from 70°C to 52°C.
  4. Longer battery ride – Since you will now boost your range, you will charge more often to just 90% or 80% of both batteries, and they will always work at half the load, so their life span can be considerably improved. Still at least once per week charge you 100% so that the BMS will get a chance to do the load balancing, properly at low current E.g., 2amp overnight.
  5. RANGE! – All the wasted heat and SAG will now become extra RANGE! In real world we did 30 miles per battery and 70 miles with the Dx2. So 10 extra miles by just riding with both batteries together via Dx2. And also, more powerful and a bit higher average speed.
  6. Peace of mind – You just plug it once and forget.
  7. Charge with a single more powerful charger at once – charging multiple batteries with one charger, at the same time, with the DATEx2 DX2C or DX3C. Take a single charger with you on your long trip hauls. And don’t mess with 220V/110V splitters, two/three chargers, and all that cables mess and extra weight!
  8. Lightweight control! – Yes, you can decide how many batteries you want to ride with. 1, 2 or 3 is that easy, depending on the needed range/power/route. Maybe you are going on a short ride, so leave two batteries at home and ride with just one. Not a problem.
  9. Make most of your batteries – by mixing your old 48V battery with your newer 52V ones without worrying.
  10. Plug and forget. Always ride at peace of mind!
  11. Stop swapping batteries – especially batteries in the frame or cradle which are hard to be swapped, especially in rain or nasty weather conditions.
  12. Get more output ports! – 
Need to plug your fancy powerful light?
Need to plug your 2WD second controller?
Or maybe your controller temp measuring device?
Or perhaps your 12V DC to DC step-down converter?
Absolutely no problem.
You get two output ports with Dx2/Dx2C and three ports with Dx3/Dx3C♥️
Bottom line?

Forget about any range anxiety. Increase your power output. Protect your batteries! Just plug in, tidy up the wiring and forget. Focus on your improved riding experience!

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2.6 cm
No. of Batteries: No selection

Two Batteries, Three Batteries

Charging Function: No selection

Yes, No

Amperage: No selection

30 Amp, 60 Amp, 90 Amp

31 reviews for DATEx2 Parallel Battery Adapter

  1. Daisy X. (verified owner)

    Got my DateX2 in a week’s time to the Eastern US from Gareth S. At Big Game Bikes in England. Temporary dual battery mount on a stock Rad battery tray on top of the rack (4x through bolts). Will likely drop it underneath and upside down in the next wrench session. Waiting on my Bolton 35Amp controller/display. Will be putting the range to test tomorrow. DateX2 claims >2X range in parallel over using two batteries one at a time, due to efficiencies of the load being distributed to both batteries at once. (I’m just happy to have the second battery hard mounted and wired in, instead of in a padded bag on the rear rack.)Solid thanks to Gareth for taking the time to correspond about the order and include all the adapters to make it a truly plug-and-play install!

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