TrailBlazer 20 x 4.0 Fat eBike Tyre


  1. Superior Grip: Master icy and slippery surfaces with ease.
  2. High Durability: Ready for extreme weather and rough terrain.
  3. Comfort Ride: Absorbs shocks for a more comfortable journey.

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Unparalleled Traction

The TrailBlazer 20 x 4.0 Fat eBike Tyre is your ultimate partner for navigating through challenging terrains. Its wide, robust design provides exceptional grip and stability, making it ideal for snow-covered trails and rugged mountain paths. The deep tread patterns ensure maximum traction, reducing slippage and enhancing your riding confidence in adverse conditions.

Durable Design for Rugged Use

Constructed with high-quality, resilient materials, the TrailBlazer tyre withstands the toughest conditions. Whether you’re tackling frosty mountains or muddy trails, this tyre promises long-lasting durability and resistance against punctures and wear. Its enhanced sidewalls protect against sharp rocks and debris, ensuring your ride is worry-free.

Enhanced Riding Comfort

Experience a smoother ride with the TrailBlazer’s shock-absorbing capabilities. The fat tyre format not only conquers rough terrain but also cushions your ride, reducing fatigue and increasing enjoyment. Perfect for adventurers seeking comfort without compromising on performance.

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