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Shimano eBike Chain 138L CN-E6090

Original price was: £42.99.Current price is: £34.99.

  1. Sil-Tec Technology: Advanced surface treatment enhances efficiency and chain longevity.
  2. Single-Ring Specialization: Optimized for 10-speed, single ring setups for peak performance.
  3. Heavy-Duty Construction: Built to handle the extra torque of eBike motors, ensuring durability.

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CN-E6070 E-bike HG chain
Shimano eBike Chain 138L CN-E6090 £42.99 Original price was: £42.99.£34.99Current price is: £34.99.
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Enhanced Durability and Performance

Experience unparalleled durability with the Shimano eBike Chain 138L CN-E6090. Engineered with Sil-Tec surface treatment technology, both the inner and outer links of the chain boast enhanced smoothness and a significant boost in longevity. This technology not only reduces friction but also wards off dirt and debris, ensuring a cleaner, more efficient run.

Optimized for Single Ring Chainsets

Perfectly tailored for single-ring chainsets, this chain supports up to 10-speed gear systems, making it a versatile choice for eBike enthusiasts. Whether upgrading your current setup or completing a new build, the Shimano eBike Chain ensures seamless compatibility and performance, providing a smooth, reliable gear-shifting experience.

Robust Build for eBike Torque

Designed specifically to handle the increased torque from eBike drive units, the Shimano eBike Chain 138L CN-E6090 offers a robust construction that withstands the rigours of daily riding. Each link is crafted to provide strength and endurance, coupled with the included rivet pin; this chain is set to keep you moving forward with confidence.

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