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What makes fat tyre bikes so great?


July 21, 2021


Those who aren’t necessarily ‘in’ with cycling culture may not understand just how diverse and fascinating different bicycle units can be, as well as the accessories that define them. From eBikes to racing bikes, from stationary bikes that track with virtual riding software for exercise stat tracking all the way down to suspension-tuned BMX sets, if there’s a way to ride and a person to ride that way, you’ll find a bike design worth considering.

Perhaps one of the more popular recent considerations is that of fat tyre bikes. Not only are they lauded for their comfortable riding experience, but how dependable and enjoyable they are to use. But what makes fat tyre bikes so great, and how come people are opting for these models in droves as part of their daily driver?

In this post, we hope to have a little look at that, and perhaps encourage you to see if fat tyre bikes are worth looking at for your own needs. Getting out of our comfort zone and trying new models from time to time can define our stature and experience as a cyclist, even if we’re just returning after a long while away from them.

But to the point at hand – why are fat tyre bikes the talk of the town? Let’s consider that, below:

Smoother Rides

Fat tyre bikes allow you to enjoy a smoother riding experience, which can be great if you have mobility issues, or you just want to enjoy a comfortable time on your bicycle. This low-impact, low intensity form of riding can help you cover large distances without feeling as though you have to pay for every yard you cycle, as the momentum of the wheels and cycling mechanism helps you move forward with only a small amount of physical investment. Fat tyre bikes are also easier to balance thanks to the surface area of the road they cover, which can be more comforting for obvious reasons.


The durability of fat tyre bikes are impressive. Thanks to the sturdy construction of such large tyres, they tend to last for some time, and ensure the wheel itself is strong and provided for. While they might nto be suitable for advanced tricks like a BMX might, racing like a racing bike is, or for tough terrain like a mountain bike can be, they are tremendous for a smooth, reliable riding experience, and as such are a great choice for cycling to work or around town at your own pace.


Fat tyre bikes look great. They enjoy a physically imposing presence, with wheels that truly do draw the eye. Fat tyres of this nature are impressive as pieces of design, and can often provide many patterns laid into the design of the tyre itself. If you’re looking for a bike that not only serves you well, but that you’re proud to sit atop (even if that involves minimal and dignified designs), you’re certainly in the right place.

With this advice, you’re sure to see how fat tyre bikes are worth your time and potential investment. Why not browse the collection now?


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