• A puncture in your tubeless tyre doesn’t have to be the end for your ride
  • This handy carry-along tool repairs small punctures and cuts in tubeless bicycle tyres without removing the tyre from the rim, getting you back on the trail in no time
  • The TPT-1 easily plugs the hole by inserting one of the 5 included vulcanized rubber plugs into the puncture
  • This shrinks the puncture down to a manageable size, allowing the tubeless sealant to do its job and reestablish a seal
  • The unique sliding plug retainer holds the plug in place and prevents it from being pulled back out as the tool is removed
  • Everything is stored in a compact package, only weighing 79 grams with plugs, that fits easily in a saddlebag or backpack pocket
  • Includes 5 vulcanized rubber plugs with refills available on part number QK2370K
  • Brand Colour: Blue
  • Size: One Size