This product includes rear light and brake function!

  • 100% plug ‘n play. Installation is very easy and should not take long.
  • Suitable for use with RadMini, RadRhino, RadRhino Step-Thru, RadRunner, and RadWagon.
  • Compatible with both 48v and 52v batteries.
  • Dimensions: 19.5cm x 8.25cm x 4.5cm
  • The package includes 1 x controller and 1 x colour LCH8H display.

This controller and display upgrade is the easiest and fastest way to significantly increase the performance of your bike. Installation takes a few minutes as the controller and display are 100% plug ‘n play with your existing connections.

Unlock the full potential of your bike.

Note: the lighting module is rated to 70maH. If you draw more than 70maH this module will burn out. The controller remains functional but the lights will not work. This product must be protected from water ingress including heavy rain and should never be immersed in water.

This product is NOT suitable for the RADRhino/RADRover 6 and RADCity Plus 5 ebikes.

Compatible with both 48v and 52 batteries. Any voltage above 60V will burn out and damage this device.

Product Overview

Eggrider or 35 Amp controller?

View the EggRider here

To access the settings screen:

Turn on the display by pressing the power button
Then, within 5 seconds, press and hold the up and down buttons, simultaneously
You will then be presented with the following screen:

*do not use these settings

Setting Purpose BGB Recommended Value Notes
LIM Top speed 25 This value sets the maximum speed.
DIM Wheel diameter RadRunner – 24

RADRhino – 29

RADRhino Step Thru – 29

RADMisson – 29

RADmini – 22

RADWagon – 24

This measurement includes the tyre
UNT Units of measurement (0,1,2,3) 0=Km/Celsius
P1 Motor Gear Ratio 100 – geared motor

46 – direct-drive motor

P2 Wheel speed sensor (0-6) 5 The number of magnet pulses generated per revolution of the wheel. For most 750w motors, the setting is 5. For most 350w motors, use 6. If speed reading wrong, try different settings.
P3 Relationship between pedal assist
and power (0-1)
1 0= Amount of throttle limited by whatever level of assist you are in at any given time.
1= full throttle whenever you want it.
P4 Pre-condition for throttle use (0-1) 1 0=Throttle works whenever you use it.
1=Throttle works only if you are pedaling.
P5 Power monitoring mode. (0-40) 15 Adjust the way in which the display calculates how much range you have left.
0=default mode: uses real-time battery voltage to determine the remaining range.
1-40 = smart mode variable settings. For example:
11=Smart mode for 24v battery.
15=Smart mode for 36v and 48v batteries.
Increasing the setting number will make the battery meter think you’re running out of power faster. Adjust setting to achieve an accurate battery meter readout.
C1 Pedal-assist sensitivity setting (0-7) 3 Allows for different sensitivities with certain Kunteng brand power assist sensors.
3= 12 magnet sensor
C2 Motor phases. 0 0=Bafang and other ordinary motors.
1-7= motors using a special motor phase.
C3 The default level of pedal-assist when
the bike is switched on (1-5 & 8)
8 1-5=set default pedal-assist number.
8=pedal assist will be whatever it was when the bike was shut off.
C4 Throttle control (0-5) 1 0=Throttle always works and has full power (up to max set by C5).
1=Throttle works up to 6 km/h without pedaling, full power if you pedal.
Other settings=variety of odd effects
Note: this setting relates to the P4 setting.
C5 Maximum controller output (0-10) 5 0= slow start 3-phase to max current (current increases as you pedal).
1= slow start 2-phase to max current (current increases as you pedal).
2= Gradually works up to max current.
3= max ÷ 2 (50% of max current)
4= max ÷ 1.5 (67% of max current)
5= max ÷ 1.33 (75% of max current)
6= max ÷ 1.25 (80% of max current)
7= max ÷ 1.2 (83% of max current)
8= max ÷ 1.15 (87% of max current)
9=max ÷ 1.1 (91% of max current)
10= max current (100%)
Note: tuning this setting in combination with C14 is the best way to tune power/range. It applies to all pedal assist settings. Max current is calculated by multiplying the battery voltage by the controller amp rating (48v x 35 amps = 1,680 watts)
C6 Backlight adjustment (1-5) 3 1 is least bright, 5 is most bright.
C7 Cruise function (0-1) 0 If this feature is activated, holding the up arrow button when riding will set the cruise control at your current speed. Cruise control is canceled by pressing a button, using brakes or throttle.
0= Off
1= 0n
C8 Motor temperature monitoring (0-1) 0 Only works if your motor has a temperature sensor (RAD motors do not).
0= Off
1= On
C9 Password (0-1) 0 0= Off
1= On
Warning: unless you are prepared to set (and remember) or already have set (and remember) the password for your screen, DO NOT turn this feature on. You will be permanently locked out of your screen
C10 Reset to default (Y/N) N Y: reset the screen to default settings.
N: leave custom settings as they are.
C11 Communication protocol setting (0-2) 0 Used for setting transfer to other displays. You probably never need to change this.
0= off.
C12 Minimum voltage cut-off point 4 This adjusts the point at which the battery will be automatically shut off to protect it from being drained too far down. 4 is the default setting, with values above and below that incrementally raising or lowering the limit by 0.5 volts.
For a 48v battery, this should be set at 40v, which is the 4 setting.
Warning: setting this lower than 4 could result
in permanent battery damage.
C13 Regenerative braking (0-5) 0 Only applies if you have a direct drive hub
0= no regenerative braking.
1-5= increasingly uses braking to recharge the battery (5 is most braking resistance/charging)
C14 Power assist tuning (1-3) 2 1= less power assist
2= regular power assist
3= more power assist
Note: This only affects pedal assist settings 1- 4. Pedal-assist 5 is always full power.
Note: Tuning this setting in combination with C5 is the best way to tune power/range.