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Thule 3-bike Towball Carrier (13-pin)

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The Thule 3-bike Towball Carrier addresses the challenges of transporting multiple bikes securely and conveniently. It eliminates the worry of damaging lightweight frames or parts, provides easy vehicle access even when fully loaded, and accommodates a variety of bike sizes and types, including e-bikes and fat bikes.

  1. Patented Secure Clamp System: Ensures bikes are held securely with minimal clamping force, protecting lightweight frames.
  2. Smart Tilt Function: A foot-activated tilt allows hands-free access to the vehicle’s rear, enhancing convenience.
  3. Versatile Compatibility: Designed for a wide range of bikes, including long wheelbase and heavy e-bikes, with adjustable straps and optional fat bike compatibility.

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Thule 3-bike Towball Carrier (13-pin) $1,479.49 Original price was: $1,479.49.$1,183.59Current price is: $1,183.59.

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Effortlessly Transport Your Bikes with Thule’s Advanced Towball Carrier: Experience the pinnacle of bike transportation with the Thule 3-bike Towball Carrier. Engineered for versatility and ease, this innovative carrier features patented telescopic locking arms and 360-degree load-spreading clamps, offering unmatched security with less force—perfect for delicate frames. The smart, foot-activated tilt function keeps your hands free, ensuring easy access to your vehicle’s trunk, even when fully loaded. With its compact folding design, the carrier is a breeze to store in most car boots. Accommodating up to three bikes, including long wheelbase and heavy e-bikes, it’s designed to meet every cyclist’s needs. Enhanced with pump buckle straps for a secure hold, optional adaptors for fat bikes, and a lockable mechanism for peace of mind, it’s the ultimate solution for cycling enthusiasts. Plus, with a 13-pin connector for full light functionality and a 5-year warranty, it adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety.


  • Telescopic Locking Arms & Pivoting Clamps: Secure bikes with minimal force.
  • Foot-Activated Tilt: Provides easy rear vehicle access.
  • Versatile Bike Compatibility: Handles a wide range of bikes, including e-bikes and fat bikes.

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