26 inch x 4.0 Fat Tyre Bike Mudguards


  • Rust-Free Durability: Superior to metal in longevity and flexibility
  • Universal Design: Compatible with a broad range of fat tire bike models
  • Simple & Effective: Offers essential protection without complicating the biking experience
  • Lightweight Construction: Ensures minimal impact on bike handling and performance
  • Comprehensive Protection: Designed for both front and rear wheels for all-around coverage
26 inch x 4.0 Fat Tyre Bike Mudguards £84.99

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26 inch x 4.0 Fat Tyre Bike Mudguards

Shield yourself from the elements with our Fat Tyre Bike Mudguards, designed for 26 inch bicycles equipped with 4 inches fat tyres. These mudguards are crafted from high-quality, durable PP material, offering a lightweight yet high-strength solution to keep you clean and dry. The innovative design ensures these guards are non-rusting and more flexible than their metal counterparts, making them perfect for snowy terrains, off-road adventures, and mountain biking. They are a functional accessory and an easy-to-install addition to your ride, with adjustable angles for optimal protection and coverage. Whether braving muddy trails or cruising on wet roads, these mudguards will keep the fun going without the mess.


  • Material: Durable, flexible PP construction
  • Fit: Suitable for 26 inch fat tire bikes
  • Width: 110mm, designed for 4-inch fat tires
  • Application: Ideal for snow bikes, off-road bicycles, and MTBs


  • High-Quality Material: Made from superior PC materials for lightness and strength
  • Mounting Versatility: Can be attached to the rear seat or frame beam, depending on the bike design
  • Adjustable Angle: Customizable fit to ensure maximum protection from mud and splatter
  • Easy Installation: Simple setup with provided parts and screws, featuring a clip-on bracket for bike stems
  • Clean Ride Assurance: Protects against splattering from front wheels, keeping both rider and bike clean

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