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Why EggRider is the most advanced eBike display


April 29, 2021


In recent years, electric bikes have taken the modern world by storm. Whether you want an ebike to speed around the street with your school friends, or wish to upgrade to travel to work in a more environmentally friendly manner, your average manual bike simply won’t make the cut. An electric bike offers so many more benefits and selling points that can attract a wealth of customers, so it would seem that the only way is up for those in the world of ebikes!

The dedicated control system of an ebike is usually mounted on the bike’s handlebars, in a position that is easy to reach with your hands and not too tricky to see with your eyes whilst you are on the move. Ebike control systems monitor and control lots of different aspects of your ebike, providing you with a seemingly endless supply of information that can upgrade and improve your cycling experience. In the world of electronic cycling, one of the most popular and highly sought after ebike displays is the EggRider. Having a quality display on your ebike can take your trip to a whole new level, allowing you to monitor your ride statistics as well as personalising and upgrading your experience on the ebike itself.

The EggRider is not only an amazing eBike display feature, it’s also a brilliant, top rated mobile phone app that allows you to access, update, change, and enhance your eBike settings. Using your smartphone to help your eBike reach its full potential will offer up a swathe of advanced statistics and innovative settings for your electric bike, and it couldn’t be easier to start navigating around the app today.

Gaining access to your rider statistics can be of real benefit for those who are embarking upon a health journey and wish to track their total exercise, as well as supporting and upholding the passion of those who simply have a genuine love for electric bikes and what they have to offer. You can see your own personal bests and set these as a target for you to reach or surpass during your next trip, or identify the different statistics in order to seek out any upgrades or improvements that you can make to the ebike to boost its speed or agility.

Being able to personalise your rider profile can be so much fun, as it adds a more individual touch to your ebike experience and can encourage you to get more involved in cycling as a whole. You can change your username to let other users identify you from the crowd, and set up your own unique profile to save your statistics and generate a kind of character sheet that holds all of your related data.

Why Choose A Top Quality EggRider Display?

  • Sleek yet compact psychical design with premium feel
  • Ebike setting personalization offers total control
  • Both road and offroad profiles available
  • Access to advanced ride statistics
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Benefit of mobile app features for modern users

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