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Why eBikes Should Have Hydraulic Brakes


April 29, 2021


At Big Game Bikes, we know our stuff. So, when it comes to health and safety, you can trust us to give you a lowdown that you can rely on.

In this article, we outline why it remains crucial that your eBike should have hydraulic brakes as, without them, you could be endangered.

Hydraulic brakes do not require a brake cable as mechanical brakes do. In fact, when the brake lever is being pulled, hydraulic fluid is compressed down the brake calliper which, in turn, compresses your eBike’s wheels.

We sell a whole host of eBike kits, parts, and upgrades but the most important thing we have on sale by some distance is our hydraulic brakes – they come with several added benefits too, meaning they provide far more than just increased safety.

What Are The Benefits Of Hydraulic Brakes Over Mechanical Ones?

Despite the price tag, there is a multitude of benefits to hydraulic brakes that make them far superior to mechanical ones. Here several pointers to consider when shopping around:

  • Hydraulic brakes are much more fluid than traditional mechanical brakes, allowing you to enjoy a superior riding experience.
  • As opposed to much heavier mechanical brakes, hydraulic brakes are a whole host lighter, meaning your ride will be much more power-efficient.
  • With hydraulic brakes, you needn’t worry about having them regularly maintained, in contract with mechanical breaks which require regular maintenance.
  • Hydraulic brakes also boast far better performance than mechanical brakes, giving you more stopping power, better reliability, and increased sensitivity. Notably, hydraulic brakes provide the best stopping power in any weather condition.
  • Hydraulic brakes benefit from a closed circuit system, meaning dirt can’t get into them, whereas mechanical brakes can suffer when riding your eBike through mud, for example.
  • Your eBike will need adjusting far less if it boasts hydraulic brakes because the majority of these types of brakes need no adjustment unless you are in a scenario where you accidentally drop your bike or your hydraulic brakes suffer impact from a collision.

Where Can I Learn More About Hydraulic Brakes?

Across our website, we have provided several tutorials on hydraulic brakes which should help to aid your buying experience. These include:

  • How To Assemble eBike Hydraulic Brakes
  • How To Fit & Install Hydraulic Brakes To Rad Power Bikes RadRhino RadRover
  • How To Fit & Install Hydraulic Brakes ToRad Power Bikes RadRunner RadRunner Plus
  • How To Install Hydraulic Brakes On An eBike Or Cargo Bike


Despite the higher price tag, we really recommend opting for an eBike with hydraulic brakes as opposed to one with more typical mechanical brakes. Not only will you enjoy a more power-efficient, responsive and safer experience but you will also be subject to fewer maintenance costs and the need to adjust your bike all that regularly.

If you can afford to make the leap to hydraulic brakes, then we commend you to do so. After all, surely better convenience and increased safety on your eBike is worth the difference in upfront cost?

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