• All of milKit’s intelligent tubeless products in one high quality kit, making going tubeless easier than ever
  • We start with milKit’s unique 45 mm valves, which resist clogging and make mounting tyres a cinch, these can used with the included syringe to allow the injection and extraction of sealant without removing the tyre
  • Next is a bottle of 250 ml of milKit’s premium synthetic latex sealant, which outlasts and outperforms traditional natural latex and ammonia based sealants, 250 ml is enough to set up even a high volume 29 inch MTB
  • Lastly there is 10 metre long roll of milKit’s custom tubeless rim sealing tape, designed and made just for milKit this tape is the strongest and easiest to apply we have seen on the market, for best results please clean and degrease your rim bed before applying
  • Packs come with different width tape for different rim internal widths 18 ‐ 20 mm internal = 21 mm tape, 22 -25 mm internal = 25 mm tape, 26 ‐ 28 mm internal = 29 mm tape, 29 ‐ 31 mm internal = 32 mm tape
  • 45 mm valves are designed for rims up to 35mm deep, longer valves are available separately
  • Rider-designed in Switzerland