Pocket Mask Black 2pcs


Pocket Mask Black 2pcs
Pocket Mask Black 2pcs £9.49£9.99

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Pocket Mask Black 2pcs
Pocket Mask Black 2pcs

    Which's recommended reusable face mask and covering – with a score of 94%. Designed for people on the go with superior fit, feel and filtration. Easy to carry with the pocket case for ultimate portability. The AirPop pocket mask is designed to work exclusively with the sleek and slim storage case. Simply fold along the dotted lines on the mask and place it into the case for ultimate, hygenic portability. Easy storage for when you don't need the mask or when you are on the go

  • The vent on the top of the case allows any moisture to evaporate naturally between wears, keeping the mask dry and fresh for when you need it
  • Cushioned Nose Seal | Ultra-soft, ergonomic foam nose seal cushions and conforms around the nose. Promotes proper alignment
  • Collapsable Design | Reinforced, welded ribs provide compression strength during wear but also act as flexible folding joints for easy collapsibility when stowing
  • Engineered For Comfort | Contoured 3-D shape, with soft ergo foam nose seal gives a lighter experience. Adaptable fit for a wide range of adult sizes and shapes
  • 40 Hr. Wear Time | Designed for cumulative use of one week or no more than 40 hours
  • Storage Case sold separately

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