Kit Air-Liner Tyre Insert Road M (28mm)


Kit Air-Liner Tyre Insert Road S (25mm)
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Kit Air-Liner Tyre Insert Road S (25mm)
Kit Air-Liner Tyre Insert Road M (28mm)
    The Air Liner Road Kit is Vittoria's all-in-one package for the best experience on your tubeless tyres. Each kit contains a pair of inserts, 1 set of pliers and 6 clips per package, 80ml sealant and 2 multiway valves, which are specifically designed as integral parts of the mounting and dismounting process. The patented plier design provides a gentle yet secure grip on the tyre, which is needed when removing the tyre bead from the rim. This creates space for the included clips to be inserted between the tyre and rim. Additionally, the handles of the pliers are designed to be used as tyre levers, during mounting and dismounting, and are designed to prevent damage to the rim and tyre The Vittoria Road Tubeless Tool-Kit is necessary for the Air-Liner Road removal from your wheel. In case of issues, we recommend visiting your trusted bicycle workshop

  • In the unlikely event of a puncture, you can ride upto 50km on a flat tyre
  • Compatible with wheel 700c wheels, any tubeless valve, and tyre widths from 25c-30c
  • The Vittoria Air-Liner is a tyre insert, designed for use in tubeless tyres
  • Features:

  • Size: 700c
  • Width: 27-30c
  • Weight: 31g
  • Sizing and Fitting

    Air-Liner Road Size Tyre Range Recommended Tyre Internal Rim Width
    Small 700 x 23/26mm 25mm Max 21mm
    Medium 700 x 27/29mm 28mm Max 23mm
    Large 700 x 30/32mm 30mm Max 26mm

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25 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm

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