Firestorm 20×4.0 eBike Fat Tyre


  1. Eye-catching fire design enhances your bike’s aesthetics.
  2. Broad, stable tread for superior traction on diverse terrains.
  3. Durable construction for extended tire life and reduced maintenance.

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Firestorm 20x4.0 eBike Fat Tyre £34.99
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Fiery Aesthetics

The Firestorm 20×4.0 eBike Fat Tyre boasts a striking fire design that sets your eBike apart from the crowd. This eye-catching pattern not only enhances your bike’s visual appeal but also reflects your fiery spirit and passion for adventure. Perfect for riders who want to make a bold statement, this tyre combines style with functionality.

All-Terrain Adaptability

Master any landscape with the Firestorm 20×4.0 eBike Fat Tyre. Designed for optimal performance on snow-covered trails and sandy beaches, this tyre offers superior traction and stability. Its wide footprint and rugged tread design provide excellent grip, ensuring safety and confidence in a variety of challenging conditions.

Long-Lasting Durability

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Firestorm 20×4.0 eBike Fat Tyre is built to endure. Its robust structure withstands the rigours of extreme environments, from icy paths to sun-baked sands. The tyre’s resilience against wear and tear means less frequent replacements and more time enjoying the ride.


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