CST Roly Poly 26×4.8 Fat eBike Tyre


  1. Puncture-resistant for enhanced longevity and fewer repairs.
  2. Non-slip tread for exceptional grip in diverse weather conditions.
  3. Eco-friendly design improves eBike efficiency and reduces environmental impact.

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CST Roly Poly 26x4.8 Fat eBike Tyre £74.99
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Unyielding Durability

The CST Roly Poly 26×4.8 Fat eBike Tyre stands as a paragon of robust construction. Designed to resist punctures, its substantial width and volume allow you to traverse over obstacles like roots and rocks with ease. The tire’s impressive weight capacity ensures it can handle the extra load of an eBike, making it perfect for adventurous riders seeking reliability and durability.

Superior Traction Control

Tailored for both beach rides and snowy trails, this tire features a non-slip design that grips onto surfaces without faltering. The deep treads prevent slippage in wet or icy conditions, providing a secure and stable ride. Whether ascending steep hills or cruising on flat terrains, the CST Roly Poly Tyre maintains consistent performance.

Eco-Conscious and Efficient

This tire not only prioritizes your riding experience but also cares for the environment. Crafted from quality materials that reduce rolling resistance, it enhances your eBike’s battery efficiency. The black color and minimalistic design complement any eBike, making it a smart choice for eco-minded cyclists who do not wish to compromise on style or performance.


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