Cinqro Mask Black Medium


Cinqro Mask Black Large
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Cinqro Mask Black Large
Cinqro Mask Black Medium
  • The Cinqro mask focuses on the ‘urban trainer’, the ‘home runner’ or the multi-sport athlete, where breathing rates are typically higher than your average commuter
  • Improved comfort is key to this level of personal endeavour
  • For improved air flow and comfort the two Powa Elite valves on the Cinqro mask allow faster air flow characteristics when breathing out at elevated rates
  • This equates to less back pressure, less dampness in the filter, improved filtration, lower inhalation resistance all of which result in improved comfort and performance
  • The Cinqro package incorporates a complete mask fitted with a Hepa-Type particle filter for filtering submicron particles like diesel smoke, pollen, brake lining dust and any aqueous water vapour particles that can carry various chemicals in the air
  • A spare DACC chemical /particle filter is also supplied as part of the package allowing filter interchangeability making the Cinqro mask suitable for use in a wider variety of environments from inner cities to the countryside

  • Product is non-returnable for hygiene reasons
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