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Ceramic Brake Pads for Shimano/Zoom


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In stock

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Replacement/spare disc brake pads.

This includes a full set of pads for the front and rear brakes of your bicycle

Shimano XTR M965 / M966 / Saint M800 / Hone M601 / Deore XT M765 LX M858 Callipers system
Shimano XTR XT LX S. Deore Saint Hone BR-M975/ BR-M965/BR-M966 BR-M775/BR-M776/BR-M765/BR-M800/BR-M601/BR-M665/BR-M585/BR-M535 BR-M545/BR-M595/BR-M596/BR-M505/BR-R505/BR-S501/BR-S500/BR-T665 BR-T605

HB-870 / HB-875 / HB-100 disc brakes


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