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BGB Buffalo Alpha (750w)


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Beast by name, beast by nature: the BGB Buffalo Alpha is a formidable, eat-up-the-terrain fat tyre eBike that has a super long range as well as a seriously smooth ride. It’s an incredibly robust bike made with high-quality parts and is as happy on rutted tracks as on smooth surfaces. This bike oozes style, making you stand out from the crowd, and it’ll take you far and wide. So whether you want to breeze about on flat surfaces in style and comfort or take to the countryside hills and enjoy the views, the BGB Buffalo is ready and waiting.

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Close Ups of Main Parts


High torque motor for ultimate pedalling assistance


Large 48V battery produces excellent range and power


Comfy, rugged saddle with integrated rear light


Colour, high contrast display with USB charging


Fully adjustable handlebar height to fit your frame


Fat tyres offer soft ride and amazing grip and traction

  • eBike to commute

Hit the Ground Rolling

Check out the short video guides below so that you can start riding right away when you receive your BGB Buffalo! We’ve covered all the basics, including unboxing and how to remove and charge the battery.


The BGB Buffalo arrives in a single box – you’ll just need to pop the wheels on and do another couple of easy things, then you’re off!


The BGB Buffalo battery is easy to remove and this allows you to charge the battery on or off your bike.

Technical Specs & Detailed Dimensions

Legal Info

Our BGB Buffalo Alpha eBike has a motor output of 750W and speed assistance exceeding 15.5mph.

This eBike cannot be used on UK public roads without first obtaining type approval, insurance, tax, displaying a number plate and undergoing an MOT.

In the UK, only eBikes that comply with EAPC Regulations can be used on UK public roads without tax, insurance or registration. You can find out more about EAPC Regulations here:

If you purchase this BGB Buffalo Alpha eBike, it can only be used off-road on private land unless you obtain type approval, insurance, tax, display a number plate and an MOT. For the avoidance of doubt, you will be responsible for obtaining such type approval, insurance, tax, registration and MOT.

If you are purchasing an eBike from outside of the UK, you are responsible for checking and complying with the applicable laws and regulations relating to eBike use in your jurisdiction and where you intend to use the eBike.

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