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Bafang Mid Drive Conversion Kit 48V 52V 1000W BBSHD BBS03B BB 68-73MM


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The Bafang Mid Drive motor is reknowned for its great build quality and high torque output. It’s a powerful motor that can take you up any hill with ease, and is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable option.

We offer 12 months quality warranty for motors and batteries and 30 days quality warranty for accessories. We have maintenance stations for EU countries, UK and US.
1. For the Brake System, there is a Brake Lever or Brake Sensor for you to choose from.
2. For the Chainwheel, we usually send you 42T (Default). If you want to change it to 36T, 40T, 44T or 46T, you could leave us a note at the checkout. We will change it for free for you.
3. For the Display, there is a T1 Touch Screen (Newest), DPC181 Bluetooth (Bafang), DPC18 (Bafang), 860C New, 850C New, 500C, 500C-H, 750C Bluetooth, KD986, 850C, 750C, C961(Bafang), 800S and SW102 for your to choose.
Packaging List:
1 PC 1000W Mid Drive Motor
1 PC Chainwheel (42T Default, 36T/40T/44T/46T Optional, free for change)
1 Pair Brake Levers or Brake Sensor (Optional)
1 Pair Crank
1 Set Thumb Throttle
1 Set Speed Sensor
1 PC Display (Optional)
1 PC 4 in 1 Cable
Additional Accessories
1 Pair Gloves
1 PC 6V Front Light
1 PC Install Tool Wrench
1 PC Crank Remove Tool
1 PC XT60 Port Motor Battery Connector Cable
1 Set Install Accessories for 73mm Bottom Bracket
4 PCS 36V 250W Stickers
1 Set of Cable ties
1 PC User Manual
1. Both 48V 1000W and 52V 1000W are printed “48V 1000W” on the motor, but there are different controllers. If the battery you use is rated 48V, you need to choose the 48V version motor, and if the battery you use is rated 52V, you need to choose the 52V version motor.
2. For the motor, we send you the 1000W 68mm mid-drive motor (Default). If you would like a 1000W 100mm or 1000W 120mm mid-drive motor, you could make a note in orders or leave a message for us.
3. Sometimes, you will receive more than one package. If you find the package is incomplete, you could contact us first, and we will check for you.
4. Before installing the motor, please follow the steps in the manual to connect the motor to see if the motor can work normally. Please DO NOT remove any connection with the power supply is on.
5. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us first, please. We will provide technical support, please don’t worry.

Additional information


42T 48V1000W 68MM, 42T 52V1000W 68MM

Display Model

500C Display, 500C-H Display, 750C Bluetooth, 800S Display, 850C (NEW), 860C (NEW), C961 Display, DPC18, DPC181 Bluetooth, No Display, SW102 Mini Display, T1 Touch Screen

Brake Type

Brake Lever, Brake Sensor


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