ARC 1100 DICUT disc brake wheel


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ARC 1100 DICUT disc brake wheel
  • The Conquerors of Kona; victorious at the 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022 Triathlon World Championships and proven in the World Tour peloton
  • Developments in disc brake and tyre technology have meant that even the best needed to evolve to take advantages of the latest tyre technology and the frames able to accept them
  • For the past 3 years, working with their aerodynamic R&D partners Swissside, DT have been continuously testing the latest generation of disc brake specific aerodynamic rims, hubs and spokes
  • The result is a family of new, 20 mm wide (internal) rim profiles optimised for 25-28c tubeless tyres that have been proven by extensive lab and real world testing to enable lower rolling resistance and improved crosswind handling whilst achieving incremental reductions in drag, even over the original ARC designs
  • As the leading hub engineering force on cycling, DT continue to push the boundaries of what can be expected from a racing hub, the new DICUT 180 with 36 tooth Ratchet EXP and SiNC ceramic bearings is the lightest, simplest, lowest drag road disc hub DT have ever made and still just as reliable and easy to service as the legendary 240
  • DT and Swissside’s continuing leading-edge research into rotational drag and its effect on performance has lead to new, narrower Aerolite II and Aerocomp II spokes, unique to the ARC’s these are what you can do when you design and make every part of the wheel and squeeze even more performance out of the system without the unproven reliability of less durable materials
  • The front wheel comes ready for 12 x 100 mm thru axles, rear comes ready for 12 x 142 mm thru axles
  • Maximum recommended system weight: 110 KG
  • When bought as a pair they will include both Shimano Road and SRAM XDR freehubs, wheel bags, rim tape and lightweight tubeless valves
  • Weights by rim depth: 80 mm: 1762 grams a pair, 62 mm: 1676 grams a pair, 50 mm: 1472 grams a pair

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Front – 50 mm Carbon Clincher, Front – 62 mm Carbon Clincher, Front – 80 mm Carbon Clincher, Rear – 50 mm Carbon Clincher, Rear – 62 mm Carbon Clincher, Rear – 80 mm Carbon Clincher

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