Active Mask White/Grey


Active Mask White/Grey
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Active Mask White/Grey
Active Mask White/Grey

Made from engineered soft touch microfiber formed to perfectly fit your face. 300+ Micro-apertures evenly channel air to nose and mouth ensuring optimal heat and moisture exchange for delivering market leading comfort

The best everyday protection for everyone

  • Features only found on AirPop:
  • 360° Soft Touch Seal | Patented medical-grade double membrane that is hygienic, thin, flexible & skin soft for continuous comfort
  • Flex Frame Chasis | Our revolutionary flexible frame keeps the filter open in correct shape when snapped into the shell and reinforces the filter’s structural integrity
  • Aerodome Design | Innovative domed design engineered for ideal airflow. The 3D shape stands off the face to create a canopy of clean air and balanced air circulation
  • Airknit Outer Shell | Made with an outer shell that is flexible and strong, soft yet durable. Soft shell is humidity, water and abrasion-resistant
  • 40 Hour Wear Time | Replaceable filters designed for cumulative use of one week or no more than 40 hours
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