2.0 mm x 15 mm Prolock Pro Head Squorx brass nipples black (box of 100)


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  • Brass nipples for use with DT’s PHR washers in compatible rims
  • DT’s premium Squorx Pro Head® nipples combine ease of use, lightweight and optimum performance in a single product
  • The DT Pro Head® shape combined with both a Torx and a square tool interface makes wheel building a lot easier
  • The spherical contact surface aligns the nipple perfectly with the spoke eliminating stress risers and improving stiffness
  • Loctite Thread lock is used to prevent spokes from loosening, yet it will still allow spoke tension to be readjusted in the future
  • The nipple flats are accurately machined to ensure a perfect fit with a nipple key
  • Made from brass with a black electroplated finish for extra surface hardness
  • For long life, strength and hardness, DT nipples are chosen by the world’s best wheel builders
  • Suitable for 2.0 mm diameter spokes

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