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eBike Brake Upgrades: The Why, What & How


September 12, 2022


Your bicycle brakes are one of the most important safety features on your eBike. If your brakes are not functioning properly, you could be in for a serious accident that could harm you or someone else, so eBike brake upgrades can be a great thing to get done.

Why Should I Upgrade My eBike Brakes?

There are many good reasons for eBike brake upgrades, including improved stopping power, increased safety and better performance.

If you’re like most cyclists, you probably don’t give your brakes much thought… until they stop working the way they should. Whatever kind of eBike you ride, keeping your brakes in good condition is crucial to your safety and the longevity of your bicycle.

eBike Brake Upgrades for Safety

The main reason to update your eBike brakes is for safety. Quite simply, the better quality your brakes, the more powerful they will be, and the more safely you can stop suddenly because of some unexpected obstacle or hazard. This keeps you, anyone around, and the eBike safe.

eBike Brake Upgrades for Performance

Another reason to upgrade is for better performance. The higher quality your eBike and its component parts, the easier it will be to ride and more fun you can have with it. This applies to the brakes as well as other upgrades to other parts and features, like lights and saddles. 

What Are the Different Types of eBike Brakes?

Bicycle brakes are used to slow down or stop a bicycle, and there are three main types:: hydraulic brakes, mechanical brakes, and cable-actuated hydraulic brakes.

Hydraulic brakes are the most common type of bicycle brake. They use fluid to transfer force from the lever to the calliper. Hydraulic brakes are more powerful than mechanical or cable-actuated hydraulic brakes. 

Mechanical brakes use a cable to transfer force from the lever to the calliper. Mechanical brakes are less powerful than hydraulic brakes, but they are simpler and cheaper to maintain.

Cable-actuated hydraulic brakes use a cable to transfer force from the lever to a hydraulic system. Cable-actuated hydraulic brakes are more powerful than mechanical brakes, but they can be difficult to adjust and maintain. View our selection of brakes here

In conclusion, choosing the right brakes for your ebike is important for both safety and performance. Hydraulic disc brakes are typically the best choice for ebikes, as they offer more stopping power and are less affected by weather conditions.

How Can I Get the Upgrades Done?

You have two options when it comes to getting the work done: ordering the parts and fitting yourself, or getting a professional to do it.

While fitting new brakes isn’t necessarily the most technical job you could do on your eBike, it’s not the easiest either, so unless you’re really comfortable with that kind of thing, we recommend you get a pro to do it for you. This way you can rest assured it’s been done safely and effectively, and you won’t run into any issues when out and about,

If you’re considering buying one of our bikes, both the Impala and Buffalo have the potential to have their brakes upgraded, so make sure you drop us a line if this is something you’re interested in!