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5 Critical upgrades to consider on your RAD Power Bike eBike


February 4, 2021


eBike Hydraulic Brakes 2 Pin suitable for RAD Power Bikes

Hydraulic Brakes

If you want more stopping power and control for your Rad Power e-bike, look no further than hydraulic disc brakes. 

Hydraulic systems, it turns out, are a much better way of getting the callipers to clench on the disc rotors. There’s less slack compared to cable brakes. And it’s easier to modulate the stopping power because of finer feedback through the levers. 

What’s more, you can operate most hydraulic systems with a single finger – great for keeping your hands firmly gripped on the bars in tricky cycling situations. 

View Hydraulic Brakes here

Big Game Bikes Shimano Ice Tech Rotors

High-Performance Rotors

e-bikes tend to be considerably heavier than their purely mechanical counterparts, thanks to the battery, the motor, and all the additional electronics. For that reason, standard bike rotors can lack performance. 

The reason for this comes down to basic physics. When you apply the brakes on your RAD Power e-bike, the callipers have to transform kinetic energy into heat energy. But if the rotors can’t dissipate that heat, then you won’t slow down as well. A lot of rotors on the market aren’t designed for the additional loads or speeds encountered on e-bikes. So upgrading to bigger rotors with more heat dissipation can massively improve performance. 

That’s what you want, right? 

View upgraded rotors here
Tannus armour tyre puncture protection

Puncture Protection

Nothing is more annoying than getting a puncture, especially when you’re still miles from home. 

Fortunately, with the Tannus Armour Bundle, you can prevent a flat from ever stopping your fun ever again. 

The way it works is super simple. The armour is a foam insert that acts as a tyre liner, improving puncture resistance. When thorns penetrate, it stops them from ever reaching the inner tube. And that means that even if you wreck your tires, you’ll still be able to maintain air pressure. 

view tannus armour here
750w Bafang Motor Fat Bike | Big Game Bikes

Improve Performance With A Bigger Motor

RAD Power Bike e-bikes are high-performance products, but there’s always room for improvement. The RadWagon and RadRhino, for instance, come with 250W motors and a 25 km/h top speed. It’s decent. But sometimes, you want to crank up the power and get even more from your ride.

That’s where the Bafang 750W hub motor comes in. This high-spec device slots seamlessly into your existing RAD Power Bike motor case and nearly triples the energy output of the standard bike. You don’t even have to swap the wheel. 

view bafang 750w motor here
Eggrider V2 Bluetooth eBike Displayy

Unrestricted Riding

You can also turn your RAD Power Bike into a data-crunching machine with the EggRider. This compact, handlebar-mounted device allows you to see how fast you’re going and your current journey distance. It also lets you override any manufacturer restrictions on your bike’s power output, enabling you to unlock its full potential. 

Combined, all these upgrades turn a regular e-bike experience into something much more radical. With these upgrades, it’ll feel like Christmas has come early. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

view the eggrdier here

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