General Warnings

You must ALWAYS abide by the laws of the area in which you are riding.

As with any sport, care and attention are required at all times to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Cycling involves risk of damage, injury, and death. By choosing to ride a bike, you assume the responsibility for that risk, so you need to know and practice the rules of safe and responsible riding and the proper use and maintenance of this bike. Proper use and maintenance of your bike reduces risk of damage, injury, and death.

Never ride under the influence of any substance! Never operate a bike while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any substance or condition that could impair motor functions, judgment, or the ability to safely operate a bike or another vehicle.

You must be over the age of 18 to operate a Big Game Bikes eBike. Riders must have the physical and mental capacity as well as reaction time to ride safely.

When the useful life of a component is surpassed it can cause an unexpected loss of function, which can result in serious injuries or even death. Therefore, pay attention to wear characteristics such as cracks, scratches, or changes in the colour or operation of components, which could indicate useful life has been exceeded. Worn components should be replaced immediately. Always consult a certified, reputable bike mechanic if you have ANY doubts or concerns.

A Note for Parents and Guardians. As a parent or guardian, you are responsible for the activities and safety of your child. Big Game Bikes eBikes are not designed for use by children or anyone under the age of 18 years old.

It is not recommended in wet weather if avoidable. Ride in wet weather only if necessary.

It is not recommended at night if avoidable. Ride at night only if necessary.

If you do not have the experience, skill, and tools to complete maintenance and adjustment of your bike, you must seek the assistance of a certified, reputable bike mechanic to maintain, tune, and ensure the bike is safe to ride.

Never immerse or submerge your eBike as the electrical system may be damaged.

Never clean your bicycle with a pressure washer.

Do not ride if you notice ANYTHING on the bicycle is damaged, worn or operating outside of normal parameters.

eBikes components are subject to higher wear when compared to bikes without power assistance. This is because eBikes can travel at higher average speeds than regular cycles and have a greater weight. Higher wear is not a defect in the product and is not subject to warranty. Typical components affected are the tyres, brake pads and rotors, suspension forks, spokes, wheels, and the battery.

General Operating Rules

Pay special attention to all the general operating rules below before operating your BGB eBike.

Always ride your BGB eBike within the laws of your country.
Always ride in a steady and predictable manner. Never ride against traffic.
Always use correct hand signals to indicate turning.
Always ride defensively. Other road users may not be able to see you and YOU may be hard to see.
Always avoid potholes, gravel, wet or oily roads, wet leaves, curbs, manhole covers, train tracks, speed bumps, drain gates, thorns, broken glass, and any other obstacles, hazards, or dangers.
Expect the unexpected such as car doors opening or cars maneuvering.
Always wear appropriate cycling clothing for the conditions in which you are riding.
Always maintain a safe stopping distance from all other objects, riders, and vehicles.
Always ensure that you fully and entirely understand all instructions and safety notes/warnings.
Always ensure the bike fits you properly before your first use. You may lose control or fall if your bike is too big or too small.
Always ensure you follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your BGB eBike.
• Do not use this product with standard bike trailers, stands, vehicle racks, or accessories that are not rated or tested for safety and compatibility and have been verified as safe and compatible with BGB eBike.
• Familiarize yourself with all the features and operations of your BGB eBike. Practice and become confident and proficient in all aspects of your BGB eBike in a controlled setting before riding in riskier conditions.
DO NOT ENGAGE IN EXTREME RIDING including off-road riding. This includes but is not limited to jumps, stunts, or any riding that exceeds your capabilities. Although many articles/advertisements/catalogues depict extreme riding, this is not recommended nor permitted, and you can be seriously injured or killed if you perform extreme riding. BGB eBikes and eBike parts have strength and integrity limitations, and extreme riding should not be performed as it can damage the eBike components and/or cause or lead to dangerous riding situations in which you may be seriously injured or killed.
• Failure to perform and confirm proper installation, compatibility, proper operation, or maintenance of any component or accessory can result in serious injury or death.
• After any incident, you must consider your bike unsafe to ride. It is your responsibility to consult with a certified, reputable bike mechanic for a comprehensive inspection of all components, functions, and operations of the bike.
• Failure to properly charge, store, or use your battery will void the warranty and may cause a hazardous situation.
• You should check the operation of the motor cutoff switches before each ride. The brake system is equipped with motor cutoff switches to the motor whenever the brakes are applied. Check proper operation of brake motor cutoff switches before riding.
Extreme care should be taken when using the pedal assistance system and throttle on your BGB eBike. Ensure you understand and are prepared for the power assistance to engage as soon as pedalling or throttle use is underway.
• Always use the lowest assist level until you are comfortable with your BGB eBike and feel confident in controlling the power.
• Any aftermarket changes to your BGB eBike not expressly approved by Big Game Bikes will void the warranty and create an unsafe riding experience.
• BGB eBike are heavier and faster than normal bikes, they require extra caution and care while riding.
• Take extra care while riding in wet conditions including decreasing speed and increasing braking distances. Feet or hands can slip in wet conditions and lead to serious injury or death.
• Do not remove any safety equipment installed on your BGB eBike.

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