Your eBike battery is an expensive component but with some very easy and simple processes, you can enjoy many years of use.

Balancing the Battery

Your battery will arrive in a state of ‘sleep’. The battery should arrive with a 50% charge so you are welcome to go for a ride immediately but don’t go too far, perhaps 10 miles or so.

You need to now balance and ‘wake up’ our battery.

  1. After the first 5 rides, regardless of how far you have ridden or the amount of battery used, charge the battery and leave the charger attached to the battery and the outlet for as close to 12 hours as possible (but not longer than 12 hours). Even if the green charged LED shows, leave the battery on charge.
  2. Disconnect the charger from the battery as close to 12 hours as possible and store your battery until your next ride.
  3. Go for another 4 rides, no matter the distance or battery capacity used and repeat the steps above.

After the fifth charge, follow the normal charging procedure as below.

General Charging

Charging your eBike battery is very easy. Red LED means charging. Green LED means charge complete.

  1. Always ensure the wall socket is switched off.
  2. Plug the charger into the wall socket and then into your battery.
  3. Switch on the charger at the wall socket and ensure the red charging LED lights up.
  4. Turn the charger off at the wall once the green charged LED light comes on.
  5. Then remove the charger from the battery and store it safely.

Charging times vary so take the time to learn how long it takes to charge your battery, depending on your battery’s state of charge, to ensure you end the charging process as soon as the green LED appears.

Notice: The battery may take longer to charge when fully depleted, when very new, and after 3–5 years of regular use. If your battery does not seem to be charging normally, is taking longer to charge than expected, or you are experiencing a substantial reduction in range, please discontinue use and contact Big Game Bikes immediately.

Long-Term Battery Storage

If storing your bike for more than two weeks, follow the instructions below to maintain the health and longevity of your battery.

  • Charge (or discharge) the battery to approximately 75% charged.
  • Remove the battery (if possible) and store the battery somewhere dry, with a constant temperature between 10℃ and 25℃.
  • Check the battery, monthly, and if required, top-up the battery to 75% charge.

Critical Battery Warnings

Please follow the for storing your battery. Failure to follow proper battery storage procedures can result in a non-functional battery. Replacement will not be covered under warranty.

If the battery is physically damaged, non-functional, performing abnormally, or was dropped or involved in a crash, with or without obvious signs of damage, please discontinue use and charging.

Do not cover up the charger when plugged in or charging. The charger requires a free flow of air around it to operate properly. The charger should be on a hard, flat surface in an open space. Use the charger with the indicator lights facing upwards. Do not use the charger inverted, which can inhibit cooling and reduce charger lifespan.

Do not open the battery housing, which will void the warranty and can result in damage to the battery or property or cause serious injury and/or death.

Only use the supplied charger or a charger purchased directly from Big Game Bikes, designed for use with your specific bike serial number, as approved by Big Game Bikes. Never use an aftermarket charger, which can result in damage, serious injury, or death.

Please take special care in charging your battery in accordance with the procedures and safety information detailed in this document. Failure to follow proper charging procedures can result in damage to your bike, battery, the charger, or personal property, and/or cause serious injury or death.

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